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You can benefit from Yad Sarah’s services from the moment you arrive in Israel!

transporationWhether you need assistance with transportation, equipment loans, or outfitting your hotel room with adaptive equipment before your arrival, Yad Sarah strives to help you remain active and independent during your visit to Israel.

We can also suggest the perfect tour guide, help explain what to expect when flying disabled, scout a hotel or site to double-check that it actually is as handicapped-accessible as it claims.

List of Yad Sarah's Transportation and/or Equipment Rental Services for Tourists

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For more information on Yad Sarah's transportation and/or equipment rentals for tourists to Israel, please contact Adele Goldberg at 212-223-7758 or 866-YAD-SARAH.


For more information on Yad Sarah's special needs transportation and/or equipment lending for tourists to Israel,
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