2018 fall yad sarah newsletterSpring 2019

INSIDE Yad Sarah Spring 2019’s theme is “A Healthier Country for Israel’s Builders.” These builders are the generation of dreamers who willed Israel into existence—women and men driven by a pioneering spirit and unyielding sense of purpose. Now, as they grow old and frail, it is our turn to pay a debt of gratitude. Whether the people of Israel need transportation, physical rehabilitation, legal services, dental treatment, medical equipment or friendly visitors to brighten their days, Yad Sarah is here for them. We are also here to prepare for the future – the builders of today and tomorrow. Read more about the incredible volunteers and staff who help young and old alike—from newborn babies to middle age men and women suffering accidents or illnesses, to senior citizens with Alzheimer’s, home hospital needs, and more. From the north to the south, Yad Sarah serves nearly 420,000 men, women, and children in Israel each year, each one of whom has a special story. Happy reading!

Spring 2019 INSIDE YAD SARAH Newsletter

2018 fall yad sarah newsletterFall 2018

The Fall 2018 edition of our newsletter includes stories of a few of Israel’s founders and the importance of Yad Sarah in their lives today. As we celebrate the 70th anniversary of Israeli independence this year, this issue highlights one of Yad Sarah’s very special missions: giving back to thousands of Israel’s founders — at a time when they need us most. Whether they escaped the horrors of the Holocaust, were refugees from Arab nations or ventured from America to find a new homeland, these pioneers sacrificed so much to bring the dream of a Jewish State to life. And now, as they grow old and frail, it is our turn to repay the debt.

At Yad Sarah, we see these people struggle every day and do whatever we can to help. Our programs and services make sure that their medical, safety, and emotional needs are addressed — in addition to providing a virtual lifeline for many isolated elderly people. While Yad Sarah touches nearly 420,000 men, women, and children in Israel each year, we are deeply gratified to attend to this generation of soldiers, farmers, rabbis, nurses, teachers, and many others who helped build our nation. Your support helps to make this possible. Thank you so much.

Fall 2018 INSIDE YAD SARAH Newsletter

2018 spring yad sarah newsletterSpring 2018

The Spring issue of "Inside Yad Sarah" celebrates Israel's builders, the everyday men and women whose effort and spirit have shaped the modern state of Israel over more than 70 years. Many of these "builders" are now older, some are frail and in need of support services. The generosity of our friends and donors in the USA helps to enable Yad Sarah to meet their varying needs.

We also take a look at Yad Sarah's family caregiver support program, a real lifelines for spouses and children struggling with the challenges of the care of an ill or frail relative at home. And, "Inside Yad Sarah" takes you along on an outing for homebound clients, making it possible for them to visit some of Israel's most cherished historical sites.

Spring 2018 INSIDE YAD SARAH Newsletter

2017 fall yad sarah newsletterFall 2017

Changing Lives, Connecting Communities -- this new issue of "Inside Yad Sarah" features a look at the activities at Yad Sarah House in Jerusalem, the organization's headquarters plus an interview with Mickey Schindler, director of Yad Riva legal services for the elderly, and a special story about our newest branch in Yerucham and its spirited and dedicated founders.  

Fall 2017 INSIDE YAD SARAH Newsletter

2016 spring yad sarah newsletterSpring 2017

In this issue, we're celebrating Yad Sarah's 40th anniversary -- a great story about a tiny lending service has grown into Israel's largest volunteer staffed organization. We're also profiling Dr. Shlomit Lehman, the director of Yad Sarah's Family Center, and her important work with individuals and families dealing with domestic violence. This issue will also tell you more about Yad Sarah home-based services, such as Hospital-to-Home and the mobile dental clinic, reaching out to the impoverished homebound elderly with state of the art dental care. You can also read more about Yad Sarah's unique Tourist Services, making it possible or easier for people with special needs to travel to Israel.

Spring 2017 INSIDE YAD SARAH Newsletter

2016 spring yad sarah newsletterSpring 2016

With a cover story on the power of the creative arts to revitalize lives, this newsletter brings inspiring stories on the progress of individuals coping with illness and injury and the valuable role that the arts have played in guiding their recovery. We're also proud to report on Yad Sarah's commitment to inclusion, highlighting an effort to involve young people with special needs in equipment repair. This effort helps the young people to learn new skills, including job readiness.

Spring 2016 INSIDE YAD SARAH Newsletter

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