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Wednesday, 10 May 2017 19:32

Op-Ed: Yad Sarah has a prescription for US health care system

Op-Ed from the Jewish Journal (Los Angeles) Op-Ed from the Jewish Journal (Los Angeles)

The United States might be able to learn from Yad Sarah's unique model for home health care delivery.  

Yad Sarah works to give people in Israel access to medical resources in a way that ultimately reduces stress on the national medical system while increasing the quality of care received.  After establishing the Lending Service, Yad Sarah's largest and most basic service initiative, the organization followed with a home hospitalization program, enabling people to accept a timely hospital discharge and return home to the care of family or friends.  Not only does the home hospitalization program help make patients more comfortable in their own surroundings, it also addresses the chronic overcrowding of Israeli hospitals and saves the Israeli economy nearly $400 million per annum.

To read the full Op-Ed from the Jewish Journal, use this link:

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