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Inside Yad Sarah - Fall 2020 Newsletter Is Here

"Because of Yad Sarah" is the theme of INSIDE Yad Sarah Fall 2020.

In this issue of INSIDE Yad Sarah, we bring you to the frontlines of our response to the pandemic as we continue to provide essential healthcare services and programs to those in need all across Israel. We speak with Nachum Gitman, Director of the Emergency Call Center, who ensures Yad Sarah responds promptly to thousands of emergency situations. We also talk to Motti Porris of Yad Sarah's Home Hospital program and learn how the program has adjusted its services to meet the increased demand during the pandemic. We take a look at how Yad Sarah's commitment to the people of Israel has shined brightly during the global health crisis, as well as the astounding impact our organization has had on thousands of people. And as always, we check in with some of our inspiring branch managers, who have risen to the challenges of the pandemic and have changed and expanded their services creatively and graciously.

A Day at Yad Sarah with Israeli Volunteers
Creating a More Accessible New Year

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Yad Sarah is Israel’s largest volunteer-staffed organization, providing a wide array of compassionate health and home care services for people of all ages, with special programs directed at support for older adults and for children and adults with disabilities.

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