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5775 Summary: More Equipment to More Families

5775 Summary: More Equipment to More Families
More than a half-million people in Israel were helped by Yad Sarah in 5775. The steepest rise was in requests for home care from Yad Sarah's home hospital project, which had a 30% increase from last year. The home hospital project allows patients to come home from the hospital earlier, so they can rest and recover in the comfort of their own homes with their families.Top items borrowed from Yad Sarah branches in 5775 were wheelchairs, bath chairs, and breast milk pumps for nursing mothers.A new branch in Yerucham, in Israel's Negev region, opened in 5775.Here's to good health and independence in 5776!

Beautiful Cards for a Happy, Healthy 5776!

Beautiful Cards for a Happy, Healthy 5776!
Haven't sent Shana Tova cards in a few years? Why not start on this Rosh Hashanah, 5776? Rosh Hashanah starts on September 13. You can find these and other beautiful cards on our secure online gift shop. Proceeds from sales support the compassionate programs and services of Yad Sarah. Will you connect with friends and family and support the people of Israel?

Wish List for 5776 (2016)

Wish List for 5776 (2016)
Wheelchairs, the most-requested item at Yad Sarah, top the wish list again this year. Yad Sarah estimates that 1,500 new wheelchairs are needed to meet the current demand.

Friends of Yad Sarah USA enables expansion of services in Modiin.

Friends of Yad Sarah USA enables expansion of services in Modiin.
After 13 years of widespread volunteer activity in caravans at the entrance to the city, a new building is fully operational in Modiin.   The new building, located on Motte Gur Street in the Maginim area of Modiin, has enabled a significant expansion of the many services provided by Yad Sarah to the city of Modiin and the region. Built with the assistance of the Century21 Foundation and the Susser Family Trust, the new building includes a center for medical equipment lending, a demonstration and consultation area, an office for Yad Riva legal services for the elderly as well as space to register for Emergency Alarm response services, a volunteer coordinator for home visits to the homebound, and other services.   The Kolb family of San Diego sponsored a new Logistics Center, facilitating equipment management throughout the greater Modiin area.  The Lending Center was given in the name of Gershona Maden....
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Because of Yad Sarah...

Because of Yad Sarah...
Yad Sarah helps the young and old! This new father is overjoyed after visiting the equipment lending center. Yad Sarah provided him with a crib for his new baby and a breast milk pump for his wife. Because of Yad Sarah this new growing family was able to start off on the right foot! We want to hear your Yad Sarah story! Tell us about your experience via  Facebook ,  Twitter ,  e-mail , or even snail mail! Use the hashtag #YadSarahTurns40 on social media.

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