About Us: Who We Are And What We Do

History of Yad Sarah

kotelFrom humble beginnings, a compassionate organization grew.

From modest beginnings as a lending charity in a private apartment 40 years ago, Yad Sarah has expanded greatly to meet a huge and growing need, and now operates out of 100+ branches in Israeli cities, development towns, and Arab villages across the country. Yad Sarah estimates that its services and activities save the Israeli economy some $320 million each year in healthcare costs and hospital fees.

The organization’s annual budget of $23 million is covered almost exclusively by private donations and foundation grants. Its exceptional work on behalf of vulnerable populations has been recognized through numerous national awards, including the prestigious Israel Prize, the Kaplan Efficiency Prize, and the President’s Voluntary Service Award. In 2005, Yad Sarah was recognized as an advisory body to the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations -- the first time ever that an Israeli-Jewish organization achieved this status.

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