About Us: Who We Are And What We Do

About Yad Sarah

Yad Sarah is part of everyday life in Israel!

Yad Sarah, the largest volunteer staffed organization in Israel, provides a vital array of compassionate health and home care services for people of all ages.  

Today, 40 years after it was founded, Yad Sarah now has 100+ branches throughout Israel staffed by more than 6,000 volunteers.  Although the organization is best known for its extensive Lending Service for medical equipment, its 6,000+ volunteers also drive our wheelchair accessible vans, reach out to the homebound, advocate for the elderly at risk for abuse, provide in-home geriatric dental care and staff our Play Center for children with special needs.  More than 420,000 received help from Yad Sarah in 2015.  

Yad Sarah’s annual operating budget is financed almost completely by donations, over 70 percent of which are raised within Israel. No ongoing government assistance is received.

Quick Facts:

  • One out of two families in Israel has been helped by Yad Sarah.
  • Every 15 minutes, someone in Israel borrows a wheelchair from Yad Sarah
  • Everyone in Israel knows someone who volunteers at Yad Sarah
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