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Friends of Yad Sarah USA

The defining mission of Yad Sarah is to enable chronically ill, disabled, infirm, and terminally ill people, ranging in age from infancy to old age, to live at home either on their own or in the care of their families or caregivers, with dignity and as independently as possible. With the dedicated help of 6,000+ volunteers supported by a small staff and operating through over 100 branches located in every corner of Israel, Yad Sarah provides an all-encompassing and fully integrated range of medical equipment and home-based healthcare support services, all for free or at nominal cost to hundreds of thousands of people in Israel annually.

Friends of Yad Sarah represents the mission of Yad Sarah to its friends in the USA and to the international community at the UN.

Friends of Yad Sarah assists individuals, families and communities with dedication opportunities, chesed projects, planned giving, and special events, raising much needed funds to support the work of the Yad Sarah organization and its dedicated corps of volunteers in Israel.

Friends of Yad Sarah helps arrange services for tourists with special needs and guided visits to Yad Sarah House, the organization's headquarters in Jerusalem.

Key Staff

Adele Goldberg, Executive Director, Friends of Yad Sarah

Adele Goldberg

Executive Director
Halle Goldblatt, Development Associate, Friends of Yad Sarah

Halle Goldblatt

Development Associate



Friends Of Yad Sarah Executive Board

Jack Bendheim

Jack Bendheim

Rachel Dayan

Rachel Dayan

Avrom Jacobs

Avrom Jacobs

David Oberman

David Oberman

Peri Rosenfeld

Peri Rosenfeld

Pamela Wolf

Pamela Wolf


Friends of Yad Sarah, Inc. is a nonprofit organization with its principal offices located at 445 Park Avenue, Suite 1702, New York, NY 10022.

Friends of Yad Sarah, Inc. operates on a fiscal year of July 1 – June 30. Updated filings will be posted as they become available.

pdfIRS 501(c)(3) Determination Letter, updated 2/2015

pdfIRS 990 Form for Year Ending 6/30/2018

pdfAudited Financial Statement For Year End 6/30/2018

About Us

Yad Sarah is Israel’s largest volunteer-staffed organization, providing a wide array of compassionate health and home care services for people of all ages, with special programs directed at support for older adults and for children and adults with disabilities.

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Friends of Yad Sarah, Inc.
445 Park Avenue, Suite 1702
New York, NY 10022 USA
212.223.7758, 866.YAD.SARAH
US Tax Exemption # EIN 13-3106175
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